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Public relations (PR) are an essential component of an inbound marketing strategy. Well-orchestrated and coordinated PR make it easier to reach a specific audience (offline & online) with the production of quality content (blog articles, expert forums, white papers, etc.). This will evolve into generating more traffic on the site, improve SEO, and increase the reputation and credibility of your company.

Be more credible, with your audience!

The main advantage of PR is your reputation. Having an article that presents your company or your products on a well-known media channels makes your brand image credible because you benefit from its notoriety. This is called Indirect marketing. We will choose different media channels based on your goals. For example, if your audience is made up of sports lovers, we will develop a strategy using different magazines and medias who target your audience.

Business Objectives

Identification of communication objectives.

Choice of Media

Mapping and identification of press media.


We define clear and creative messages for better results.

Results Analysis

We check positive and negative points in order to correct or optimize.

Start using Public relations networks

With public relations, it’s much easier to aim and fire on that target market you are hoping to reach. Media sources can place the information that is right up the consumers alley and give them the required information they need.

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