A proven approach To Retention Marketing

We help you create an actionable strategy to help you maximize your ROI with your existing clients database.

Focus on existing clients for a better ROI.

Retention marketing is becoming more and more effective in the digital world. The main advantage is the costs which are lower than those dedicated to acquisition. Many companies focus only on the acquisition of new users and forget about existing clients. Loyal customers can consume frequently and offer you better profitability using up-sell and cross-sell strategies.

Be Connected with your customers !

By continually engaging your customers you will give them the feeling of being connected. It will make you stand out from your competitors and offer your company a true brand image. If your customers are satisfied, they will start communicating around them as ambassadors of your brand. The goal of marketing retention is to feed your customers with emails, promotional offers, and creative messages (automation process) to increase the profitability of each repeat purshase.

Show them the way

Target customers based on previous purchase, behavior, and Interests in relevant and tactful ways.

Reduce pain points

We must analyze and reduce pain points to avoid poor customer experience.

Keeping it attractive

Focus on improving visual experience in your website or app and maintaining strong brand presence.

Communicate directly

We communicate with your clients in meaningful ways using personalized communication / messages.

Retention marketing for a better profitability

Retention is more than just sending an email: It’s also about personalizing your clients shopping experience. If someone buys a product, they likely want more products related to it, at a similar price range, targeted to their own demographics.

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